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"No more Anxiety, Hurt or Discomfort While Brushing. 
Turn Painful Grooming Time to Painfree Happy Bonding Time"
A.K.A "Brush Buddies"

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"Now any pet parent can groom, detangle or massage their furbaby while bonding with them, loving them and not hurting them. No more anxiety or discomfort while brushing and bonding."


Groom, Detangle and/or Massage Bonding Brush Designed for Every Naughty Knotty Pet Pal.

World's First Pet Brush that Grooms, Holds Treats, Squeaks, Massages and Removes Knots Effortlessly!

effortless and easy

4.8 out of 5 stars (217 reviews)

NEW!!!!! 3-in-1 pet brush

Great for All Types of Coats

Mocha the Mouse!

Peanut the Puppy!

Cotton Candy the Cat!

Pumpkin the Puppy!


This is a standout feature. Special high quality bristle technology that you can use anytime and anywhere. You can choose which brush is best for the job. Great for dogs and cats. Each is made with high quality bristles that either soothe, relieve and massage and/or detangle. Both styles remove debris, dirt and dander. 


These plush Knotty Pet Pals have a removable machine washable plush pet and brush for convenience and cleanliness. The plush pet can be washed, dried and re-attached for more bonding experiences. 


Comfort and fit are our priority with these brushes. The are designed with an optional adjustable strap that fits small, medium and large hand sizes. The non-slip hand grip facilitates a gentler brushing and petting effect. 


Each brush is built with a hidden storage compartment that holds your pet's favorite small treats and a squeaker for maximum engagement. 


Comfort Fit

Machine Washable

Plush Storage

Detangle or Massage


***** 4.8 out of 5 stars (217 reviews) 

Love the new concept.

My dog loves to get massaged while she eats her favorite treats. I look forward to bonding and brushing daily with her.
Dixie J. Rivers
Kids love the brush.

My kids go crazy and take turns brushing and bonding with our Shih Tzu Scottie,. They ask to brush him daily. Scottie sits and is in dog heaven.
Priceless time to bond.

Arrived as expested and great fit. This brush makes me stop what I am doing and devote special time to detangle my furry friend.
Brian Carter
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